The “Batmobile”

The subject isn’t new but it’s amazing to see what is going on in this space.

I was talking to a friend of mine who was relating that his daughter was learning to drive, and I promptly informed him that my children will not be taking driving lessons. My seven-year-old is not interested in an iPhone – he is waiting for his Apple Car.

What is interesting is how the development is taking place. On the other hand, car manufacturers are slow to take on technologies such as Apple Car Play but on the other hand, others are making self-driving cars. How does this even make sense?

Perhaps more interesting is who is interested in the development and why. For example the Faraday Car has heavy investment from a Chinese media company. Well it makes sense if you think about it, when you get into your car and it drives itself you will want to be entertained. Volvo has understood this and has come up with a solution that will calculate your route, your travel time and then feed you appropriate content for the length of your journey (G-d forbid you should be bored for 3 minutes).

Of course the winners in this brave new world are going to be the car detailing companies. People will soon realise that there is no real need to own a car. Let Siri decide when you need a car based on travel time (although personally I would trust Waze more) and then a car will appear in front of your home ready to take you to your appointment.

But is that car going to be clean? Forget Netflix, who wants to sit in a dirty car! Never mind signage on the future taxis advertising wifi, I want to know who cleaned the car. CarSpa is going to make a killing!