Updates and upgrades

So I make my living from typesetting books, both print and digital. My tools of the trade are InDesign on the PC for print and iBooks Author on the Mac for digital. 

I resisted the temptation to upgrade to Windows 8.1 when it was in preview (although I had no problems when I had done so for Windows 8) deciding it was prudent to allow Microsoft and Adobe to fully test everything. 
My upgrade to 8.1 was fast and smooth. Everything just worked. Well nearly everything. It turned out that a special part of InDesign that is used by a very small number of people called DPS wasn’t actually compatible. Even though the Adobe website said that it was. They lied. 
I had Adobe on the phone for hours. Last Tuesday from 8 am till 3.45 pm with a half an hour break. And then they continued to remote access. By the time they were finished I had no software, no fonts and no files. A far worse situation than I started. I then spent the next couple of days restoring and ten days later, DPS still doesn’t work. Poor show Adobe. 
Well just to make my life more interesting I updated to OSX Mavericks. This is free update was very exciting for me because it brought iBooks to the Mac!
Upgrade very smooth (not so fast) but… oh no my books are broken!
Turns out after reformatting my Mac that the problem is iBooks Author 2.1. The dot release that came a year later doesn’t fix problems – it breaks the font embedding of custom fonts in the books. Apple now knows of the problem thanks to Talking New Media http://bit.ly/HnkL46 but haven’t taken it down.
Fortunately a colleague found me a copy of 2.0 and sent it to me. 
Well end of rant. Not really sure what to learn from this. 

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